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Ryburn Long Sword

Ryburn Longsword formed in Sept 1994 and since that time have established quite a reputation, even amongst the sword dance fraternity who gave the teams a standing ovation at their evening performance at The International Sword Spectacular 1998 in Whitby.

The first dance the senior team chose to learn was that from the village of Bellerby which has a reputation for being a difficult dance and they have performed it well on almost every occasion. Add to that the fact that these dancers are not 'folk enthusiasts' with some experience of the scene, but village people from the Ryburn Valley doing this for the first time, and you can see why people have been impressed.

The junior side have grabbed people's attention not only because of their tender years combined with their dance ability, but also because of their spectacular costumes, designed and made by Chris Coe, in consultation with the juniors themselves.

Check the costumes sheet

The junior team amazed us all after the International Sword Dance Spectacular at Scarborough in May 1996, by copying a move from the mainland European teams where a member of the team stands on the completed sword lock and is hoisted into the air to shoulder height.

Both teams have worked to devise their own new dances, borrowing from the traditions of the North of England and we are looking forward to another season of appearances at a range of events, both in and out of the region.

N.B. We have changed our practice day from Sunday afternoon to Wednesday evening!

Newcomers are welcome and the practices take place at 103 Oldham Road, Ripponden on Wednesdays at 7 pm.

Details from Pete and Sue Coe. Tel 01 422 822569


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