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REVIEW: Dance with John Brown & Posthumous Curtain

The second Ryburn 3 Step barn dance of the 2018 -19 season took place in the Waring Green Community Centre on November 17th. Our caller was John Brown from Sheffield who has called for us on a number of occasions and never disappointed.

Music was provided by Posthumous Curtain, which comprises Alice Jones and James Tween.  James plays melodeon and has a fine repertoire of tunes gleaned from the playing of many classic bands and arranged by him in well thought out pairings. Allied with Alice’s percussive and inventive piano accompaniment the result was both danceable and listenable music.

A sizeable dancing audience including a number of newcomers to the dance series (some of them beginners) were guided through a very interesting programme of dances by John Brown, whose easy and humorous style of calling put everybody at ease. The dances included a couple of classics – the traditional Cornish Six Hand Reel and Hugh Rippon’s Willow Tree, and:
Boston tea party – 5 couple longways
Fairfield Fancy – Sicilian circle
Country bumpkin – 5 couple longways
Dear John (Mary Panton Strip) – 4 couple longways
Waves of Tory – 5 couple longways
Chapeloise– circle dance
Strip the willow square – 4 couple square
Sicilian swirl – Sicilian circle

A good night!

Johnny Adams and Steve Jones