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Review – The Iona Fyfe Trio 28 March 2019

The Iona Fyfe Trio at Ryburn Folk Club. Photo: Andy Day

What a fantastic voice Iona Fyfe has! And what wonderful accompaniments from Charlie Gray and Aidan Moodie! We had a brilliant evening from the Iona Fyfe Trio last night at the Ryburn Folk Club.

Iona, Charlie and Aidan packed in a huge number of songs in a seemingly non-stop Scottish delight. Whether it was the accent, the beautiful voice, or the sensitive accompaniments of the two fine musicians, I was transfixed for the entire evening.

Iona Fyfe & Aidan Moodie at Ryburn. Photo: Andy Day

Iona sang 16 songs ranging from Bothy Ballads including “Guise of Tough” and “The Banks of Inverury”, through tear jerkers such as “Mill o’ Tifty’s Annie”, new versions of well-known songs like “The Golden Vanity”, modern songs such as “Take Me out Drinking” by Michael Marra, “Ding Dong Dollar” (the anthem of the Scottish Anti-Polaris movement of the 1960s), and “Dark Turn of Mind” by Gillian Welch, before finishing with an encore of “Tak’ a Dram Afore Ye Go” by Ian Sinclair. It was all so beautiful I bought Iona’s two CD’s so I can hear them again (and again….).

Aidan and Charlie provided understated and sensitive accompaniments to Iona’s singing. Aidan, from Orkney, met Iona while studying at the Royal Conservatoire in Glasgow and has been playing with Iona for about 4 years.

Charlie Gray & Iona Fyfe at Ryburn. Photo: Andy Day

Charlie is from Fort Augustus and has been playing fiddle since the age of 6. He studied at the National Centre of Excellence in Traditional Music at Plockton in Wester Ross, and together with Joseph Peach was a Finalist in the BBC Radio 2 Young Folk Awards 2017. 

The Ryburn Folk Club is blessed with top class Residents who were out in force . The Pit Band introduced the evening with 3 sets of unusual tunes including the oddly named “Spoted Borders” and “Rowling Bet” (whatever they mean). Pete Coe sang “Banks of Red Roses”, Tim Edwards followed with Graeme Miles’ “Greencoats & Beagles”, Sue Burgess sang about the “Lost Lady Found”, and Alice Jones gave us “The wreck of the Dandenong”. Mostly thanks to the Residents, the evening’s body count was respectably high.

Thanks to everyone who came along and made it such a great evening, and The Malthouse staff who are just so friendly!

Andy Day