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Strange times in Old England

Ryburn 3 Step is a ‘Not for profit’ organisation based in Ripponden, West Yorkshire, to support Folk Music, Dance, and Song. We run the monthly Ryburn Folk Club, monthly Barn Dances, and occasional House Concerts and Workshops. We have weekly music, song, and dance groups who perform for local and regional community events and festivals, and every January the Long Company Mummers perform their Street Play to audiences at 4 local venues with all proceeds donated to local charities. Now, because of COVID-19, we are shut down for the duration.


Over the years the Ryburn Folk Club has booked many guests, ranging from well established legends (!) to new and upcoming performers, local, regional, national and international. During the current COVID-19 lockdown in the UK and beyond, many performers have lost their income from performing, and if you would like to (and can) help them, a good way of doing it is to buy their music recordings – Downloads, CD’s, and perhaps other merchandise.

A few of our recent performers are listed below with their website addresses. Ryburn 3 Step also encourages support for our local performers, including Pete Coe, Alice Jones who have done so much for us over the years and whose income comes from gigs now not possible .

Pete Coe:

Alice Jones:

Tom Kitching:

Jack Rutter:

Iona Fyfe:

Granny’s Attic:

The 3 members of Granny’s Attic are also individual performers:

Cohen Braithwaite-Kilcoyne:

George Sansome:

Lewis Wood:


The English Folk Dance and Song Society has awarded their coveted Gold Badge to Ryburn 3 Step founder member Chris Coe for services to folk music.
 It is awarded to those who have made unique or outstanding contributions to the art or science of folk dance, music or song, and/or those who have given exceptional support in furthering the aims of the Society.

Chris has been a key member of the Ryburn 3 Step team, contributing to the folk club, barn dance, singing group, and the clog dance group for as long as R3S has been in existence. As an artist and designer she was instrumental in designing the distinctive Ryburn Longsword costumes and also painted the Sowerby Bridge Rushcart front cloth for many years.

Outside Ryburn 3 Step, she has been a musician and singer in several ground breaking folk acts including The New Victory Band, Bandoggs, Red Shift, Tiger Moth, The English Country Blues Band, and also performed in duo with Pete Coe, Maggie Holland, Jill Pidd, Annie Dearman and John Adams.

In 2000 she joined the ranks of The National Theatre to dance, sing and play in their six month long touring production of The Good Hope, under the musical direction of John Tams.

On the academic side she has tutored on the folk music degree at Newcastle University and the performance degree at Huddersfield University, and been a tutor much in demand for folk events by The Wren Trust, Folkus and many festivals.

This is a well deserved recognition of what she has achieved over five decades. Heartiest congratulations!