REVIEW – Grant Baynham at the Folk Club 30 January 2018

Last night at the Folk Club at the Malt House we were treated to the extraordinary guitar playing, songwriting and performance virtuosity of Grant Baynham. From the very start we knew we were in for something special from a man who’s been around for a long time but doesn’t often appear solo at Folk Clubs.

Grant Baynham (Photo: Andy Day)

With witty words and almost unbelievable guitar accompaniments, Grant took us through a sequence of childhood songs including  “Me and My Gang” and “First Kiss”, and then into a world of thoughtful songs and ballads including “Michael on the Moor” and “Matthew Sound”, before treating us to a dazzling performance of Gershwin’s “I got Rhythm”. It was a simply stunning performance from beginning to end.

The evening started with three good sets of tunes from the Pit Band, and then songs from Residents Pete Coe, Chris Coe (accompanied by Pete), and Sue Burgess.  After the interval, which served up “Gold Badge” cake courtesy of Johnny Adams, we heard a song from an unexpected visitor, Tom Lewis who was our guest a year ago (read the Review HERE). Tim Edwards then led us in  “John Barleycorn”, and Johnny Adams and Chris Partington played two Northern Hornpipes in a lovely fiddle duet.

A wonderful evening’s entertainment!

Andy Day

** Our next event is the Barn Dance on 17 February at Waring Green with “Our Northern Branch”, caller Benny Graham. Click HERE for more details.

** The guest at the next Folk Club on Wednesday 28 February is Cohen Braithwaite-Kilcoyne. Cohen is an outstanding young singer and musician, who has a huge following around here, so make sure you arrive early to get a seat. Phone Sue Coe on 01422 822569 to reserve tickets. Click HERE for more information.

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