Virtual session with Tom Kitching

Tom Kitching

Last evening (May the 4th) we tried out using Zoom for a Virtual Session with Tom Kitching who had kindly agreed to act as guinea pig. For 1 hour Tom presented his new book and CD ‘Seasons of Change – Busking England‘, to a small audience of around 18 carefully selected people. He read passages from the book, played a selection of tunes from the CD, and then we had a discussion with him about the project. It was most interesting and enjoyable.

It was a very different experience from the intimate House Concerts we are used to, but given the constraints we are all under it worked very well. Tom had to perform to an audience who weren’t there in person, likening it to a ‘studio’ performance, but fortunately he was able to substitute a large stuffed dinosaur for a real audience so his professionalism shone through.

These are difficult times for musicians and performers who we would normally have booked for our annual programme of Folk Clubs, Dances, House Concerts and Workshops. Virtual Sessions using Zoom are one way in which Ryburn 3 Step thinks it can contribute to helping musicians and performers, at the same time providing music and song that friends and colleagues can enjoy from the comfort of their own homes. We’ll post news of more Virtual Sessions here on our Website, and we hope to ‘see’ you with us online soon!

If you want to support Tom Kitching by buying a copy of his new book and CD ‘Seasons of Change – Busking England’, click HERE. Thank you.