Ryburn Three Step is an independent folk development project which organises a range of regular activities and special events in and around the Ryburn Valley, West Yorkshire, England. In this glorious part of Yorkshire the Ryburn river flows through Rishworth, Ripponden, Triangle, and on to Sowerby Bridge, there joining the River Calder.

We are a group of amateur, semi-professional and professional folk musicians, singers and dancers living in and around the valley, and we called our project ‘Three Step’ because it covers Song, Music and Dance within the Folk Music tradition. We organise a variety of activities within the area including:

  • A monthly series of Folk Club nights;
  • A regular programme of Barn Dances;
  • Weekly pub Sessions;
  • A Longsword team;
  • Two Stepdance groups;
  • A Mummers team,;
  • Workshops and occasional Folk days;
  • Promoting folk arts in schools, both in and beyond the region;
  • A concert party for local organisations.

You can join us as an audience member or as a participant. The links in the menu will guide you to our activities and if you see something you fancy checking out, contact us to find out more:

For general or any other enquiries
please contact us by email: 

Ryburn Folk Club:  Pete Coe  01422 822569
Barn Dances:  Steve Jones  01422 823099
Ryburn Singers:  Chris Coe  01422 822413
Longsword:    Sue Coe 01422 822569
Step and Appalachian Dance
:  Sue Coe  01422 822569

All our  activities and events are overseen by the Ryburn 3 Step committee which meets monthly at 103 Oldham Road, Ripponden. The Chair is Steve Jones and the Secretary is Liz Cryer. Copies of meeting minutes and Annual Reports are available from Sue Coe on 01422 822569, or email  sue@petecoe.co.uk

An Independent Folk Development Project in the Ryburn Valley