Wednesday 30 January: Mary Humphreys and Anahata at the Ryburn Folk Club

Ryburn Folk Club welcomes Mary Humphreys and Anahata to the Malthouse on Wednesday 30 January

Mary & Anahata

A fabulously talented duo, Mary Humphreys and Anahata are singers and musicians who specialise in English traditional music and song. Mary sings and plays English concertina and banjo, and Anahata plays melodeons, Anglo concertina and cello. Don’t miss what will be a musically excellent evening. More information HERE….

Mary and Anahata will be back to play for us in the Four Hand Band at the next R3S Barn Dance at the Waring Green Community Centre on Saturday 16 February. Click HERE for details.

Mary will be playing electric piano, and Anahata will be playing melodeon. Check them out HERE. Their music is the product of years of research looking for good English tunes that are perfect for English Folk and Ceilidh dancing. They play with joyful bouncy energy, and their tunes are designed to get you on your feet and your feet off the floor!

Ryburn 3 Step’s very own Award-winning Sue Coe is one of our most popular callers: with over 40 years of experience calling for dances you are guaranteed a great evening of dancing to suit all tastes.

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Our Traditional Music Session at the Old Bridge Inn, Ripponden, continues every Monday evening from 9pm. Come along and join in, or just come to listen and enjoy the music (and beer).
If you fancy a play on your instrument but can’t get to the Bridge Session, why not come along to the R3S “No pressure” tune session? This is a session for musicians whose confidence needs a little TLC. Starting slowly, we gradually build up speed on tunes familiar and unfamiliar.
We meet fortnightly on Friday evenings 8:00 to 9:45 p.m, at 103 Oldham Road Ripponden, HX6 4EB. The next will be on Friday 25 January 2019 at 8.00 pm.
Please get in touch with Steve Jones on or phone 01422 823099) if you are interested in coming along.

review – barn dance with pauline jones and the old bridge specials 19 january 2019

On a chilly, damp evening in the middle of January, a hardy group of dancers gathered at the Waring Green Community Centre and enjoyed an evening of music and dancing courtesy of Ryburn 3 Step stalwarts Pauline Jones and the “Old Bridge Specials”, musicians who regularly meet to play at the tune session at the Old Bridge Inn, Ripponden on Monday evenings. The band consisted of:
Trevor Whittall – Tremolo Harmonica
Alan Taylor – Guitar
Pete Coe – Melodeon
Andy Day – English Concertina
Johnny Adams – Piano and Fiddle
Chris Partington – Fiddle

who together (with the help of the excellent sound engineers Johnny and Chris) produced a wonderful, full sound that filled the hall.

Pauline Jones and The Old Bridge Specials at Waring Green. Photo: Steve Jones

Pauline called a variety of dances that were intended to appeal to experienced dancers as well as being accessible to those who were new to English ceilidhs:
Farmers Jig; 4 Couple Longways
Mrs Foxton’s Fancy; Double Circle
The Oak Tree; 3 Couple Longways
Borrowdale Exchange; 3 Couple Circle
Steamboat; Longways for as many as..
Chapeloise; Double Circle
Witches Reel; 4 Couple Longways
Sweets of May; Sicilian Circle
Double Gloucester; 6 Couple Longways
Lucky Seven; Circle Dance
Muffin Mans Jig; Double Circle
Circle Waltz; Circle Dance

Thanks to all who came along, dancers and performers, for a friendly and enjoyable evening.

Steve Jones

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