FACE FURNITURE – FOLK at the MALT HOUSE, Wednesday 29 November 8pm


Face Furniture – Adrian May and Murray Griffin

Essex duo, Adrian May & Murray Griffin are booked at the R3S Folk Club on Wednesday 29 November on their first trip north with a repertoire of witty, sharply observant songs, laced with humour and best described as “21st Century Music Hall”.

Murray Griffin

Murray started playing the bass guitar when he was 13. Along the way he was classically trained trumpet player only to eschew it for rock and roll. He’s probably best known for playing Soul but he’s been in reggae, pop and rock bands – with a few people you may have heard of.

Adrian May

Adrian teaches creative writing at Essex University and has written songs for June Tabor, Maggie Holland & Fascinating Aida. His songs range from Folk through Music Hall, George Formby, Skiffle, Punk, and beyond, with themes ranging from the peasants’ revolt to the “comedy of masculinity”. Their new CD and book ‘Discovering England’ includes a variety of thoughtful & comic songs about “Englishness”.

I’ve known Adrian for a good few years and have always admired his songs and wished I’d written them myself. I hadn’t seen him for a good while until Sidmouth Festival a couple of years ago and like the rest of their audiences was seriously impressed and amused by his wryly perceptive songs, so I booked them for our Folk Club.

Face Furniture may not be very well known up here but those of us who have heard them are looking forward to hearing one of England’s most thoughtful, comic and unique songwriters.

On the other hand you could always apply to go on his writing course at Essex University!

Have a listen HERE……

Pete Coe

FOLK at the MALT HOUSE, Rishworth HX6 4QB, Wednesday 29 November 8pm Click HERE for more information.

REVIEW – Alan Rose and Lynda Hardcastle at the R3S Folk Club

I thoroughly enjoyed last night at the Malthouse. The guests, Alan Rose and Lynda Hardcastle, are frequent visitors to the Ryburn 3 Step Folk Club and usually give a song or two, and I was very much looking forward to see them as the guests doing a full evening.

Photo: Andy Day

Alan and Lynda have been singing together for more than 4 decades and they gave a spirited performance of songs that they have got to know and love over that time, including some that became ‘classics’ in the 1970’s and some that have been written in the last couple of years. So it was a lovely selection of songs presented with total delight and infectious enthusiasm to an audience who were loving it. If Alan and Lynda’s performance last night could have been transported back in time to when I first started getting interested in Folk Music, I would have regarded them as the genuine article – singers who had grown up with their music and song as a way of life and inspiring younger generations.

Songs by writers as diverse as Bob Pegg (Instructions to a Young Larkman), Sally Ironmonger (Foodbanks and Ferraris), Rudyard Kipling / Peter Bellamy (The Land), and Gilbert O’Sullivan (Nothing Rhymed) sat alongside more familiar songs (Daddy Fox, Sheep Crook and Black Dog, Threescore and Ten, and their encore – The Parting Glass). For some Alan and Lynda were accompanied by Den Miller on guitar and harmony vocals, and on “Dixie darling” they were joined by Pete Coe on banjo and Sue Coe stepdancing. Wonderful.

Photo: Andy Day

There was music from the pit band and plenty of songs from residents and floor singers –Annie Dearman and Steve Harrison, Tim Edwards, Sue Burgess, Chris Manners, Phil Cerny, and a short solo performance from Den Miller.

So thanks to all who came and sang or played, and those who made up the audience to sit and listen, but biggest thanks to Alan (in a very smart suit) and Lynda for a lovely evening.

Andy Day.

Johnny Adams – EFDSS Gold Badge 2017 Award

Congratulations to Johnny Adams on his award of the EFDSS Gold Badge 2017 for his services to Folk Music.

All us folk at Ryburn 3 Step are delighted that Johnny Adams has been awarded the EFDSS Gold Badge 2017 for his services to Folk Music.  Johnny was one of the founder members of Ryburn 3 Step and has worked tirelessly to support and develop the music, dance and song associated with all our activities: the Long Company Mummers, the sessions, the dances, the workshops, the folk club, and as the ever-reliable Musician when the going gets tough. He set up and looks after the R3S website and social media output, has been the voice of R3S on local radio, and has recorded much R3S activity, ensuring a rich archive for future enthusiasts.

Alistair Anderson, Chair of the EFDSS Board, said “All of this year’s recipients have played important roles in their individual fields. They have helped to inspire, to support and to inform generations of folk artists and fans, making significant contributions to the continuing strength and vitality of traditional English folk arts. We are delighted to recognize them with these prestigious awards.” (EFDSS website)

Johnny Adams – EFDSS Gold Badge Award 2017

As a highly regarded musician, performer, recording artist, and producer of some fifty years standing, and with many successful collaborations to his name, not the least of which are with his good lady Chris Coe, Johnny has represented Ryburn 3 Step in the national and international arena. He co-founded (with Chris Partington) the Village Music Project, which researches 18th and 19th century dance music, he coordinates the support group for the archive of the folklorist and collector Doc Rowe, and was director of the Paul Graney Archive of recordings made in the North-West of England between the 1950s and the 1980s which is now housed at Manchester Central Library.

From 1998 to 2008 he was on the National Council of EFDSS, during which time he worked to formalise the Society’s web presence, including instituting the first online shop.


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