Ryburn 3 Step has, throughout its existence, been committed to helping people discover their abilities to sing, to dance , to play and to understand the richness of the folk and traditional culture which has defined our lives over the centuries and continues to do so in the modern world.

To this end, we offer a range of activities both regular and occasional to help people discover their abilities, learn something new, get some exercise or just have a good time in a pleasant social setting.

Weekly workshops:

Tuesday: Appalachian step dancing

Wednesday: Traditional Longsword dancing

Thursday: Singing

For details ring 01422 822569 (dancing) or 822413 (singing)

Workshop Days

There have been dozens of workshop days over the years. People have gathered together to learn tunes, learn an instrument, sing , write or accompany songs, or learn a style of dancing – clog, flat footing and more.

Photo: Sue Coe

Our first workshop in 2017 was an introductory session for the Ryburn Ukelele Band on 2 April. People who attended now meet occasionally as the ‘Ryburn Ukelele Band’  at 103 Oldham Road, Ripponden, HX6 4EB, watch this space for the next meeting.


Click here for reviews of past workshops.

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